Design Glossary (work in progress)

Collaborate: “I don’t have the skills to do this on my own nor can I pay for it, so let’s collaborate.”

Brainstorm: An opiate-like feel good love-in where there are no stupid ideas, except for the stupid ones. Also a gateway drug to “collaborations”.

Design: An additive that increases sales. eg - “We need to add some design to this”

Eco: see “Green”

Green: see “Sustainable”

Sustainable: see “Eco”

Rendering: Photorealism that is often mistaken as a real photo. Also the desired form of design-to-marketing communication since the early 00’s. Also good for when sketches require too high a level of abstract thought to understand (i.e. always)

Sleek: Default descriptor when fumbling for design-savvy words. Frequently paired with bad grammar: “It has a real sleek look to it.”

Innovation: The ability to make a profit and win awards by rethinking things that needn’t have been rethought.

Design Thinking: When you sit around thinking about where it all went wrong, but look good doing it.